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This blog is now read by more machines than humans: RSS robots, spam-laying insectopoids, echoes of blog-gathering .edu projects. This essentially is the state of affairs that all human activities w

Cleaning Up the Nation

Austin Bay:

If Air America were a conservative radio network its corrupt funding trail and cynical abuse of a poverty program would be front page news at the NY Times and full-time mega-scandal at

Rank Materialism

Freedom. I am now the proud new owner of a Gateway 6020GZ laptop, perfect for students and others with limited means. I can now go into a Starbucks or a Barnes & Noble and look like I'm doing some

Fallujah Fonda

Uh-oh. From the Telegraph comes this exciting news:

Jane Fonda is returning to anti-war activism and embarking on a cross-country tour to call for an end to US military operations in Iraq.


John Pilger: Partner in Terrorism

In an outrageous piece of terrorist propaganda appearing on the cover of today's New Statesman, John Pilger puts the blame for the 7/7 London attacks not on the terrorists, but rather on Tony Blair:

Pressing Conference

President Bush got out the message that I think a lot of people needed to hear. One thing I've noticed about this presidency is that they'll say nothing for the longest time, even as his supporters are pleading with him to get out there and say something. This is sometimes hailed as the rope-a-dope strategy, which I don't really buy as a calculated strategy. But it's one thing when the press and the left build things up into a hysteria which Bush mostly ignores until the last minute. It's another when the challenge is coming from Islamist fanatics and Sunni thugs and when Americans are dying.

So in these last few difficult weeks, I think he needed to reemphasize our goals in Iraq earlier. But on the other hand, coming out earlier when things were at their most precarious in Iraq has plenty going against it too. So maybe this was Goldilocks timing after all.

While Bush has spoken to the central neo-con theme before, particularly in the AEI speech before the Iraq war, I've never heard him reduce it to a few simple phrases like he did tonight - and repeatedly. "We are changing the world." And these were the few moments during the press conference, while answering a couple of questions towards the end, when he seemed to be speaking with genuine passion. It'll be interesting to see how the country, and the world, reacts to it.

The press was, in part, slimy. That question about apologizing for 9/11. Ecch. Are these people fucking serious? Did FDR apologize for Pearl Harbor? That pissed me off. (You can tell, right?) Bush answered it correctly; Osama bin Laden is responsible for 9/11.

Of course that question, and all the ones about mistakes, 'what mistakes did you make pre-9/11,' and the clever 'what was your worst mistake since you took office' are asked only to build up Gotcha! points for the Dems and the press to play with. They're not serious questions. I'm glad none of them were answered. If he had, that wouldv'e been the headline in most papers tomorrow. "Bush Admits...." Then everyone will go on about that for several weeks. This Gotcha! mindset is bad news for politics and administrating stuff. It reduces the level of discussion all around, so naturally the media is fully on board. Yes, blogs too. But that's a whole 'nother post or a dozen.



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