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This blog is now read by more machines than humans: RSS robots, spam-laying insectopoids, echoes of blog-gathering .edu projects. This essentially is the state of affairs that all human activities w

Cleaning Up the Nation

Austin Bay:

If Air America were a conservative radio network its corrupt funding trail and cynical abuse of a poverty program would be front page news at the NY Times and full-time mega-scandal at

Rank Materialism

Freedom. I am now the proud new owner of a Gateway 6020GZ laptop, perfect for students and others with limited means. I can now go into a Starbucks or a Barnes & Noble and look like I'm doing some

Fallujah Fonda

Uh-oh. From the Telegraph comes this exciting news:

Jane Fonda is returning to anti-war activism and embarking on a cross-country tour to call for an end to US military operations in Iraq.


John Pilger: Partner in Terrorism

In an outrageous piece of terrorist propaganda appearing on the cover of today's New Statesman, John Pilger puts the blame for the 7/7 London attacks not on the terrorists, but rather on Tony Blair:

Found: Lucy Ramirez

Ever since Bill Burkett announced that the real forged memo supplier was one Lucy Ramirez, USA Today and countless others have been searching for her. Who is this mysterious woman? Did Burkett just make her up?

Well we've scooped everyone on this story. In a exclusive, here is the much sought after Lucy Ramirez. She agreed to one photo and a short interview. Ms. Ramirez, where did you get those forged documents?

Lucy Ramirez: Taco taco.

S: Uh-huh. Why did you pass them to Bill Burkett?

LR: I like Bill, oh yes. Bill's very nice.

S: Would you like to kiss Bill Burkett?

LR: Oh, si si, very much.

S: Go ahead, give Bill Burkett a kiss.

LR: S'alright?

S: S'alright.

LR: Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thus concludes this journalistic extravaganza.



Oooh! I'm showing my age when I say I remember Senor Wencas... This is too much! Accurate AND true, no falsehoods allowed.

But why does Burkett always choose the ugly ones?


"Easy for jou to say..."

I should have know Senior Wences was involved

Probably because they can't talk back in ENGLISH.
Not that those diseased porn film actors that keep getting plastic surgery to look healthy and perfect are much more than ALL THAT!

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